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Community and industry partners offer up authentic entrepreneurial projects to be tackled by our interdisciplinary teams of UT science and engineering undergraduates.

Great ideas from bright STEM students in the UT Inventors Program.

Imagine having a front-row seat as half a dozen teams of sharp science and engineering students discuss and analyze real problems in your organization. The Inventors Program is seeking businesses, corporations, community organizations and agencies to partner with us in identifying problems our students can study and grapple with over a semester.

Offer a problem statement. Each semester we gather problem/project proposals for student teams from industry and organizational partners.

Give students a day to problem-solve. Some partner problem statements are used during “Inventors Sprints,” our one-day intensive events that connect teams of students with a partner's challenge, under the supervision of a seasoned UT mentor.

See results through our semester-long course. In our STEM Innovation, Invention and Entrepreneurship Practicum courses, interdisciplinary teams of science and engineering students dive deep into a partner's problem. Partners answer student questions and collaborate as much or as little as they like throughout the course, before presenting their work at the semester's end and giving partners a chance to kick the tires on every idea.

Bolster your recruitment pipeline. As Inventors Program teams and team members develop viable ideas and share them with you, you will get to know the participants as potential candidates for internships, employment, or other practical experiences. Plus, you can follow the best ideas as students leave courses, and we link them up with other campus and community incubators, launch programs and accelerators.
See what we are sharing with students regarding their intellectual property in this course»

We are seeking collaborators now!

The Inventors Program welcomes partnerships. Link your organization to the Inventors Program and connect with innovative student team participants in science and engineering.

Sponsor a course. Top companies, from ConocoPhillips to Trend Micro, are meeting teams of innovative STEM students who will work over a semester on a series of industry research problems from these sponsors. You will get to meet with students in person at the beginning and end of the course, both to go over problems and provide feedback on students' envisioned solutions.

Advise our Inventors. We need business consultants, subject matter experts and guest speakers to provide information and input for our students, including during our end-of-semester “pitch sessions,” where students present their innovations to a room full of industry and community representatives.

Hire Inventors as interns. We welcome internship opportunities for our most talented Inventors Program students.

Offer a problem. Create a problem statement that students can solve either during an Inventors Sprint or during a semester-long course.

A few of our sponsors:


Trend Micro

Lockheed Martin Ventures



Schmidt Futures Foundation

The Green Fund

The Critter Depot

Thank you for your generous gifts and grants!