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Since its inception, the Inventors Program has offered a wide range of projects and problems for teams of science and engineering students to solve.

Coming together from different disciplines, Ut Austin students form teams of between two and ten people. These teams are tasked with solving a problem that exists in the world, whether from industry, a community group or another partner.

Teams develop a scope of work, budget, recruiting funds, and execution of the project on their journey to innovation. Each team is supervised by UT faculty with input from community and/or industry stakeholders.

Thanks to these Inventors Program course sponsors!

Active Projects

STEM Policy





Students work on problems relevant to U.S. defense

Stakeholder: U.S. Army

Energy Analytics

Students tackle challenges in data and energy

Stakeholder: ConocoPhillips

Previous Projects

Next Gen Sequencing

Testing plastic versus metal credit cards for germs


Wearable Sensors

Producing and marketing a UV sensing wearable

Stakeholder: ShadeProject

Human/Digital Interfaces

Characterizing Parkinson’s Patients typing patterns for diagnostic potential

Stakeholder: Power for Parkinson’s, St. David’s Neuroscience and Spine Institute

Digit Ratio App Development

Can your fingers predict your future?

Stakeholder: Student Idea

GMO Safety

Testing GMO/non-GMO corn for aflatoxins

Stakeholder: Private Donor

Zika Diagnostic

Marketing a DIY Zika test kit

Stakeholder: Student Idea

Waller Creek

Engaging the community to study Waller Creek for improved benefits

Stakeholder: Waller Creek Conservatory, Winkler Family Foundation, Waller Creek Working Group